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Promptech Business Solutions is a Jordanian IT company that operates as a channel partner for multinational vendors, including Automation Anywhere, Genesys, and Yellowfin. We offer Data Analytics & Automation services to businesses from diverse sectors across the MENA region.

Who We Are

Promptech Business Solutions is a Jordanian IT company that operates as a channel partner and system integrator for multinational vendors, including the likes of Automation AnyWhere, Genesys, Clarabridge and Yellowfin. Yet, we are specialized in Analytics and Data Services capabilities that we offer for businesses across diverse sectors across the MENA region. Moreover, we are developing in-house a cutting-edge proprietary product that aims at enriching the analytics and visualization process as well as providing an autonomous tool for acquiring and reporting the data at the different levels of the organization.

Our Services

Visualization &
Data Analytics

We build business intelligence practice for businesses. We create data relations and customer-specific reports, and then visualize them into charts and dashboards.

Data Transformation & Integration

We identify missing data collection points; we design missing and enhance existing data processes, and finally, we automate any manual or repetitive actions.

Custom Formulation & Automation

We cater for customers proprietary formulas and KPIs, and create dynamic solutions where they can adjust the values associated with their specific formulas and KPIs.









Why PrompTech

Time to Market

Ease of Setup & Use

Rich KPIs & Charts Library

Value for Money

RT & Accurate Insights

Tailored Solutions

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